Meet our team

Led by experienced water industry operators Peter Brooks and Michael Warady, Sylmar Group is a holding company formed to grow legacy water and wastewater businesses that will enable the transition towards decentralized treatment infrastructure.

Peter Brooks

Principal & Co-Founder, Sylmar Group

Peter has experience across the water and wastewater industry, including operational leadership as the founding leader of waterTALENT, corporate strategy and advanced water treatment experience at Xylem, and sales leadership for in-conduit hydropower projects at NLine Energy. He is a former US Marine infantry Captain, two-time Iraq War veteran, Fulbright Scholar, and an award-winning (Derek Bok Award) water policy instructor at Harvard University where he received his AB (High Honors) and MBA-MPP. Peter is a frequent speaker at water and wastewater industry events and his writing, interviews, and work have appeared in the New York Times, Los Angeles Times, National Public Radio, Foreign Policy, Proceedings, and a number of water and wastewater industry publications.

Michael Warady

Principal & Co-Founder, Sylmar Group

Prior to founding Sylmar, Michael led infrastructure project development efforts and was a member of the growth-stage equity investment team at Aquatecture, where he developed centralized and decentralized water infrastructure projects such as seawater desalination and wastewater reuse facilities. Previously, Michael led international supply chain efforts for Clean Energy Associates, a solar panel procurement and quality assurance firm based in Shanghai. Michael is a Board member of the International Desalination Association and the non-profit Access Books. He received his AB degree from Duke University, his MBA/MEM from Yale University, and is a frequent contributor to industry publications such as Water Finance and Management.