AWT members,

Thanks for checking out the Sylmar Group website!

Sylmar Group was founded in 2019 by experienced water treaters Peter Brooks and Michael Warady, in order to buy and build businesses in the water and wastewater sector. Our focus is on partnering with founders and owners of businesses servicing water treatment needs for cooling towers, chillers, boilers, and other on-site treatment applications across the United States as they transition out of their businesses and into the next phase of their lives.

Selling a business is a difficult decision, and finding the right partner is incredibly important for both buyers and sellers. Sylmar is focused on partnering with companies that share a similar mission, vision, and values. The water industry is a tight-knit group, and we always strive to treat our partners fairly throughout the sale process.

The Sylmar mandate is different. We are not a private equity or venture capital fund - we are water treaters focused on buying and operating a water business without ever selling. The Sylmar promise: we promise to treat your business and your staff with the same care and respect that you have given it over the last several decades, in order to continue to build upon your legacy.

Sylmar is a proud supporter of the Association of Water Technologies (AWT). If you are interested in having a conversation, feel free to reach out here: